Official Message from the UDC Moderation Team

As you might have seen over the past few days, the quality of the server has been going downhill due to the sudden activeness of the owner (Alex_TNT), who started taking action and making decisions that consistently overruled the entire moderation team, which he put in place to help run the server. As a result, many users have begun to complain about his actions, of which many were unwanted. All attempts to operate as a functional group has been met with, "I'm the owner, if you don't like it, leave."

Because of his erratic behavior, we have decided to go our own way and make a new server, where the highest ranking member won't dictate how things are done. The server will be run by a council of mods, where each decision is voted on and discussed for the future of the server.

We would love for you to join us, as a server is nothing without its community. We have a great community that we were proud of and want to continue to grow it!

New beginning, new name, join the new Unity Developer Community at

Signed, the Moderation team

Corniflex, Invertex, LanceTrahan, Sirus, Techgeek1, Enyra, GoldenPotato76, Ronan Smith, Cassidy, FinePointCGI, 7ark

A short timeline of the events

Failure of the owner to the community

A short and non-exhaustive list of unilateral actions taken by Alex_TNT

You can find a full folder of Alex_TNT's failure to the community as an owner:

You can have full access of the logs of what happened the last few days here :

General chat -

Private channel -

Use this tool to read them